Saturday, March 10, 2012

our first post

this is me

this is my dog 

and this is our flog.

flog = food blog.  i'm not sure if this is actually a known word or not, but my roommate kelly is the one who introduced me to this term.  kelly loves to cook and will probably often be commenting on this flog as well.  
but back to introductions...i'm kelsey and my furry friend is koda.  i love cooking and koda loves eating (as do i).  this flog is devoted to all of our food adventures and the food baby, i've named gill, i get after i've eaten an exceptionally good meal. 
i hope you enjoy our adventures in the kitchen and the food we make (i keep on referring to koda cooks with me, but he doesn't). and i hope that after you read our recipes and look at our pictures your mouth starts to water...cause mine definitely does after i look at a food blog.


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