Sunday, March 18, 2012

some new favorites

so...if anyone knows me, they know I LOVE BREAKFAST FOOD!  literally breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  i used to say lunch was because you could eat lunch food, breakfast food or dinner's the anything meal.  but recently i discovered my complete love for breakfast food.  you can have a sweet or savory breakfast; waffles with fruit and whipped cream or an eggs benedict with potato chunks.  eggs benedict is probably by far my favorite breakfast food!! YUMMM!!! just talking about it now makes my mouth water...mmmm. 

anyways, last weekend i had the opportunity to check out a cool little breakfast place near my house in the u district.  i have a couple of friends who love breakfast just as much as i we got together and went to nook.  the seattle met, featured an article about them, along with others about seattle's new breakfast (you can check it out here).  nook is a super cute little cafe that pretty much only serves biscuits.  i got a biscuit breakfast sandwich with sausage gravy.  
biscuit breakfast sandwich with sausage gravy
it was absolutely wonderful!  there was this amazing tomato jam that added just a little extra something to the whole meal.  and despite it's size i was more than filled after eating this!  i totally recommend this place to anyone who lives near the u district or is planning on visiting!  

also this weekend i had the chance to make some frozen trader joe's sweet potato frites!  first off, i LOVE trader joe's!  seriously that place has everything you could want and more!  i'm a huge fan of their flat bread and hummus and their pre-made pizza dough.  secondly, i just recently became a fan of sweet potato fries.  i used to really dislike sweet potatoes.  it was weird, i love potatoes and i love sweet food...but for some reason the two together just didn't work for me.  now i LOVE sweet potatoes!  i literally cannot get enough of them!  kelly, the roommate i mentioned before, makes awesome baked sweet potato fries.  i'll have to have her post her recipe on here sometime!  anyways i got these frozen sweet potato frites at trader joe's and made them this weekend.  COMPLETELY HOOKED!! if anyone loves sweet potato fries...GET THESE!! seriously these are amazing!  

so last weekend was filled with tons of good food, good friends, and a couple of old school disney movies...vhs status! i seriously hope some of you get to check out nook and if you love sweet potatoes to check out these fries!!  
happy eats!  :]

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  1. best blog ever! can't wait to go on more culinary adventures with you! :)