Friday, March 23, 2012


seaside in the summer
i just got back from yet another wonderful trip!  this time from the oregon coast...seaside!!!!!  seaside has to be one of my favorite places ever!  it's a super tiny town right along the oregon coast with about a mile and a half of beach front.  there is a really cute tiny town that's about 4 blocks long with a promenade at the end near the beach.  there's also a tiny aquarium and my all time favorite thing about this place are the swings that they have on the beach!  swinging on the beach with the wind in your hair and the smell of the salty air is something everyone needs to experience at least once!!!

anyways, me and my friends, torie, janis, and munir headed down to seaside on monday morning.  it was a little cloudy as we made our way down.  we stopped off in portland first and grabbed some lunch there!  munir knew of this great place where a ton of food trucks gathered!  i am a HUGE fan of street cart food.  i watched both seasons of  the food network's amazing food truck race and was even lucky enough to see the nom nom truck (season 1) down in san fransisco this past summer!  also i should take this moment to express my LOVE for the food network!  it's my default channel whenever i'm not watching the office or law & order svu ahahah!  but really i cannot get enough of the food network!  but back to these food trucks...we each got something different!  i had an amazing philly cheese steak sausage, janis got some bomb looking chicken phad thai, munir got a delicious salmon pot pie, and torie grabbed a vegetarian falafel! 
munir's salmon pot pie
janis's chicken pad thai
torie's vegetarian falafel
my philly cheese steak sausage 
everything looked and tasted amazing!  there were so many street carts to choose from i debated for a very long time!  i wish seattle had a place like this...i would probably be hitting that up ALL THE TIME!  bahahah!  so if you're in the portland area make sure to check out this corner for some tasty treats for a decent price!

pasta with vodka sauce
after our pit stop in portland, we drove the remaining hour and half to seaside!  it was nice to finally get there!  we stopped off at safeway on the way to the place we were staying to pick up some food for dinner that night.  we decided to make pasta with salad and garlic break.  side note - munir LOVES garlic bread!  after our shopping trip we headed to the worldmark at seaside and started cooking.  we made penne with a voldka sauce - i threw in some extra spices to make it a little more homemade, salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and of course garlic bread!  it was quite a feast! 

garlic bread
munir and his chowder
the next morning we lounged around before finally braving the rain to check out the little town.  literally the town in 4 blocks long.  there are a ton of cute shops and little restaurants and cafes.  torie said that it looked like a movie set, and i have to agree it really does!  it might have been due to the fact that there was no one around, but it was still really cool!  after walking a block or two, we realized how hungry we were and stopped off at the pig 'n pancake!  I LOVE THE PIG 'N PANCAKE!!!!  i've only been there once before but it is the cutest, little restaurant ever!  back to my breakfast obsession...they serve breakfast ALL DAY and they have the most amazing eggs benedict....wait for it...WITH CRAB!!!  it is literally the best ever!  i am obsessed and i'll often find myself dreaming about it at random times!  oh gosh i'm dreaming about it now!  mmmmmm!! so obviously i got the eggs benedict with crab, munir got a steak, janis got the jalapeno burger, and torie got the veggie burger.  munir also got a cup of clam chowder and i got a taste...AWESOME!!!  my favorite chowder has to either be ivars or fisherman's seafood restaurant...and this chowder was deff up there!!!  mmmm

my eggs benedict with crab
munir's steak
janis's jalapeno burger
torie's veggie burger
all the food was delicious and the onion rings torie and janis got instead of their fries were some of the best i've ever had!   they were truly amazing...i have no idea what their secret was but they were amazing!   i was stuffed after my eggs benedict!!  the crab meat just adds a little extra something that brings the benedict to a whole new level!  yummmooo

after a little more wondering around we headed back to our room and spent the rest of the night watching tv and relaxing.  the next morning we packed up and headed back home to seattle.  it was a short little trip, but a perfect little vacation with good friends and great food!  hopefully it won't be too long before i'm able to head back to seaside!!! like my friend kellie says...who needs the jersey shore when you have the oregon coast?  (we are both huge jersey shore fans) 

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